Academic Groups & Reading Parties

The Burn has a long history of hosting academic reading parties from across the world. Although we are mainly frequented by Scottish universities, we have regular visitors from Germany, the United States, South Africa and, of course, the rest of the UK.

The Burn offers students and academics something that conference centres, hotels and other retreats cannot: a home. While here, everyone is received with warm Scottish hospitality and, thanks to our unique size and layout, most student groups get the whole place to themselves, allowing them to remain undisturbed in study or recreation.

Every reading party is different, with some focused more on taking a break from a tight teaching calendar, and others enjoying the opportunity of valuable one-on-one discussions between academics and students away from the syllabus and the lecture theatre. However, each group has the same special sense of a shared experience that brings students and staff together, boosts enthusiasm for their subject and benefits their education.

We can provide projectors and presentation and viewing facilities as needed, and have Wi-Fi available in all our main rooms, including our beautiful library and 18th century drawing room. We can accommodate up to 60 guests in our manor house and surrounding cottages and offer three cooked meals a day, with packed lunches available for days spent off site.

Our prices are extremely competitive and are cheaper still if you are part of a member organisation or have group membership of The Burn.

If you have any other queries or to make a booking please contact us by phone: +44 1356 648 281 or by email:

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